Saturday, October 2, 2010

Underworld Gangsters Japanese Tattoo

Underworld Gangsters Japanese Tattoo
Underworld Gangsters Japanese Tattoo

The land of the rising sun, that's how people describe Japan. This is where different types of people are situated, from popular celebrities, electronic experts, robots and gangsters. In addition to that, culture and tradition have a huge influence in their everyday living. The Japanese are also excellent when it comes to visual designs. One of the popular designs used until now is the Japanese tattoo art.

History of Japanese tattooing

Archeologists concluded that tattoos started from early settlers in Japan or the so called "Ainu" tribe. Back to the early civilization, tattoos were used as facial identities. This is how people determined what tribe they belonged and what tradition they performed. Japanese tattoo art has been present for around centuries. But as years passed, simple tattoo designs turned into innovative and meaningful images. Aside from flowers and dragons, Japanese are now featuring endless choices including heroes and weapons used in wars.

Tattoo designs featured by gangsters of Japan

Japan is also known for underworld gangsters like Yakuza for example. In the past, tattoos are illegal to Japanese people and this thing was distinguished from the rest of the population. Although, there were people who have tattoos in their bodies, still authorities marked tattooed individuals as criminals. These individuals have discriminated the whole people in Japan. This is the main reason of forming underworld gangster known as "Yakuza".

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