Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tribal Dragon Tattoo - How to Choose Your Tattoo Without Regrets

A tribal dragon tattoo makes for an excellent choice of tattoo design for your next tattoo. But what about other types of dragon tattoo? In this article, I'll tell you all about the tribal dragon tattoo but also talk about other, similar possibilities so that you make the right choice for you and one that you will never regret.

Tribal Dragon Tattoo

A tribal dragon tattoo makes for an excellent choice for your next tattoo. Tribal tattoos generally are simple but make a big impact. Sometimes, you can be limited in the designs available to choose from but this is not so for dragon tattoos of this style.

Dragons are drawn differently by different cultures. Hence, there are many types of dragon tribal tattoos. The standard S-shape is very popular. Some people prefer one where the dragon spreads its wings in a symmetrical manner - this can look great when positioned on the body's centre-line.

Another variation is to have the body of the dragon forming an outer boundary in a circle. Sometimes, the dragon's head alone is used for the tattoo!

Tribal Dragon Tattoo Meaning

Tribes have existed all over the Earth for a long time. When people mention "tribal tattoos", they usually mean tattoos that are done in the Maori style. As far as I know, the dragon did not have huge significance for the Maoris.

The dragon does have significance in other cultures though, particular in East and South-East Asia. Here, the dragon is revered and not feared. It is seen as a long living, wise and intelligent bird.

Tattoo Of A Chinese Dragon

This is the more common type of dragon style tattoo that you might have seen people wearing on their skin while out and about. Dragons like this have a very dynamic look to them. Rarely is the dragon sitting down. More usually, they are snaking around in mid-flight.

These dragons are highly detailed with a complex face, scales all over and wings to contend with too. Only trust an experienced artist to do such a tattoo on your skin.

Tattoos (Celtic Style) Of Dragons

Celtic dragon tattoos are highly unique. A wide variety of colours is not important here. Celtic dragons are often depicted as looking from one side to the other (usually right to left). They are done in black ink only or with few colours. They may also be drawn with relatively few lines - sitting somewhere between tribal and Chinese/Japanese style. As is common with many celtic tattoos, the dragon may be depicted inside a circle.

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